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Travel Training

A Step in the Right Direction How to be a safe pedestrian
Somerset Road Safety partnership have produced a Road Safety training programme suitable for people with learning disabilities.
The resource pack consists of a 2 set CD-ROM,a DVD,teacher handbook and hard copies of the initial assessment and assessment sheets .The pack is designed as a teaching tool for the delivery of A Step in the Right Direction Bronze, Silver and Gold Award.These awards are not externally accredited .
The Bronze Award gives a basic level of road safety awareness including controlled supervised road crossing. The Silver award helps students develop the skills to achieve some independent road crossing using a controlled crossing . The Gold award is the step where students demonstrate they can cross the road safely and independently. They suggest at the Gold award stage that you use a third party such as a road safety officer to ratify the award. They also add that careful consideration should always be given before students are allowed to use the road independently. The pack provides templates for certificates which can be awarded at each stage and for those working towards the stages.
The resources provided are limited to an interactive CD-ROM which can be used individually by the student or as a group via an interactive white board. On the CD-ROM each award is broken down into sections, for example What is traffic? Pavements, Zebra Crossings. The Bronze award has 14 concepts. the students have the opportunity to work through these in the classroom in safety by watching the video as a whole group and practising individually on the interactive CD-ROM .The videos are good quality and have been filmed in and around the Taunton area. Students can then begin to learn these skills outside in a practical setting,looking at the issues and skills they need to learn to cross the road.
The pack costs £99 to buy from
Somerset Road Safety Partnership
It requires Quick Time to view the CD-ROM on the computer and they say Real Player for the DVD.(Most colleges can't use Real Player and I haven't found that it needs it) As usual with college networks you will need to check that your college computer system will allow you to use it as the pack would be poor value for money without using the interactive resource. The pack would benefit from having picture resources to help with the teaching of the award.
Other Travel training Resources:
Transport for London produces an excellent free resource in PDF form The
Guide for People with Learning Difficulties
This is for people with learning difficulties and covers different ways of travelling, including bus, cab, Tube, train, Docklands Light Railway and tram. It has information for the student on keeping themselves and their belongings safe, and what to do if things go wrong.
There are sections called The Guide which have spaces for writing down journey details , drawing pictures or sticking in photos.It is intended for students learning to travel independently but with 131 pages there are lots of photos/sections which could be used for those working towards the Bronze Award Step in the Right Direction .
Arrive Alive
Arrive Alive web site has road safety signs and Traffic lights

Highway Code
The Highway code has information and pictures.

You can make a set of vehicle
cards using the photocards on SenTeacher.

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