Sunday, 22 May 2016

Compound Words

Two worksheets to accompany the Skills workshop resource Compound Words

Compound Words : Buildings

Compound Words : Accessories

Change from 50p

Change from 50p

Round up to the next whole pound

Entry 2/3 Money

Rounding up over£5

Worksheet  Rounding up to next pound under £2.00

How much money will they cost ?

 Entry 2  Money

Two worksheets. Each worksheet has only 3 sums.At the moment I am having to break down everything into bite size. This allows my students to achieve and then move on rather that tackling a long worksheet all in one go.

The worksheets are embedded in a widget so they can be previewed before downloading.

worksheet 1  . Adding two item under £1.00

Worksheet 2 Adding items under £1.00


How many £ coins will I need? Entry 1 worksheet

Charity Logos a socrative quiz for entry level students

A ten question charity logo  quiz on Socrative 

The quiz number is


Bullying and Harrasement at the Railway station

Watch the video 

In groups discuss:

What happened here? What could have happened? 

 Emma is about to jump on the track to fetch her headphones just as a fast train is about to pass. She may be too upset to look for trains and she hasn’t heard a train approaching. Chris – who just bullied her – ends up saving her life.

Bullying and harassing others can put them in danger by alienating and isolating them. Even an un-thoughtful act can put others in real danger. 

These notes are taken from the website Track off

Feedback to the class

Information sheet:

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Keeping Safe Out and About

Staying Safe Out and about is a free download from Foundation for people with Learning Disabilities.

Suzy Lamlugh Trust: Personal Safety Video

Staying Safe Out and About a guide to traveling around London- but useful information for all.

Sunday, 24 January 2016


very good - use the quiz with mini whiteboards ask them to write  T or F  for each one

  • A video about Sleep deprivation made by a college student ( I only show this to my more street wise E3 group)

  • How to sleep better tips video (very good but not sure about their section  on the consequence of no sleep- not relevant  for my students)

Answering Questions: Who to pick?

Asking questions: How to ... and why


Tools to use in the class room :

 Lolly Pop sticks:

A spinner that picks a name at random