Sunday, 21 February 2021

Resources for learning about the vaccine

 Visit Keep Safe

 This website specialises in easy read resources . There are also audio versions to accompany the posters

Monday, 6 April 2020

Corona Virus : What is it and how to look after Yourself

Lockdown story - A social story using Makaton signs and symbols, by Alex Kelly, Speaking Space

All their Covid 19 resources can be found on their website Speaking Space

 An Easy Read Guide from My Life My Choice
Mencap Information about Covid 19 Easy read Guide
Keep Safe have links to a lot of useful resources

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Doing the Washing

A Kahoot quiz 

Premium accounts are currently free for Educators  

An interactive worksheet on

Washing Symbol worksheet find it at My Box net

 based on  a Heineman free sample section literacy pack

Wahing Care labels work sheet on TES ( need to sign in ) 

Sorting the washing by Colour  WIKI

 Also see my other blog posts on Cleaning Washing and Ironing Clothes 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Photography at Home

Here are three photography projects you can try at home.


You can download it from My Box net

As a PDF or a Word document

 Thank you to JayBird Illustration  who wrote the Word document. I have adapted it slightly 

You can find Jay Bird Illustration at or follow on Instagram

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Maths Challenge

 Here are some resources I will be sharing with my Independence plus learners working at Entry 1 
These are all tablet friendly

 Here is the daily Maths Challenge

Lots to practice here  on Hit the Button

you can practice Number bonds


Times Tables


Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Horticulture enterprise


If you start now by May you will have a range of summer bedding and vegetable plants to sell and use in your own college garden.

Here are a few jobs which can be done now in January  even if it is cold and wet outside 

Clean flowerpots ready for potting on later in the season. We usually have a production line with pots passing from one bowl to another to ensure a good clean before being stacked pyramid style to dry out  and of course quality control.

Collect mushroom trays to keep the pots in. Keep a count of the pots ( A good Maths task)- How many will you need?  

Check your tools- clean the trowels and forks - Do you have dibbers and gloves?

Label everyone's gloves so they get the same ones and are responsible for bringing them back after time in the greenhouse or garden.

Research  prices and costing items on the computer

If you're borrowing money to fund the enterprise spend time working on your pitch- Each student taking a part in the presentation.

Buy in any planting modules and labels and permanent markers you need - visit the garden center

Make some of your own labels out of old plastic containers 

Look at seed catalogues or visit the garden center to buy seed.

For sewing in pots big seeds are best : Nasturtiums  and sweet peas and  dwarf sunflower , For vegetables :runner beans broad beans, french bean peas, cucumber, courgette, marrow . Not all of these are for planting now but you can start now with Sweet peas

Buy First Early potatoes and start chitting in a cool dry place. Take photos of their progress See blog post for resources from 2017

Buy Tete a tete or other miniature daffodils. Plant three in a pot

Buy peat free compost ( buy it in sizes you can lift!)

Order plug plants now- I use Jersey Plug Plants

Clean out the greenhouse 

If you have a heater in the greenhouse you can start planting now .

 I don't do small seeds because pricking out is quite a skill  and time consuming for the teacher to have to do.

An easy herb to do is mint- If you can find a clump to dig up it can be divided between lots of little pots and  grown on. 

Think about watering- can other groups help you out 

How will the plants survive through the holidays? - If there is no one to water don't be too ambitious because someone will have to take the plants home!

A watering system is useful , A rota of staff who can water. Trays  to go under the  the flowerpots and trays  help.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Making an Appointment Entry1 speaking and listening

Use the Readwrite materials:

Literacy entry 1 Unit 2 

 Page 9 Activity A  Making an appointment  at the doctor

Use alongside audio track 10  

script is here

writing a script : Making an appointment

phone sounds for role play 

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Read write learning materials: where to find them

Links to diagnostic assessment and learning materials from Read Write Plus for English, Maths and ESOL (including audio files) can be found by following the link below

RWP legacy files.docx

Bus Key words

A bus key word worksheet available to download from My Box net as a Publisher or PDF  

available on Box net

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Money skills

Snappy  have money worksheets to download and a range of online activities.

See my other Money posts here