Saturday, 15 December 2012

24 hour clocks

2 activities to practice reading and calculating time using the 24 hour clock

Time resources

 From BBC Skillswise: 3 worksheets Entry1/2

What time does the programme start?

 Calculating journey times

What's the date? 


Entry Level Maths resources from BBC Skillswise

 BBC Skillswise are adding Entry level resources to their website. 
They have also given the site a revamp and are trying to get away from traditional worksheets ( haven't spotted any new interactive  games yet)


Addition board game Maths | Calculation | Addition
 A snakes and ladder game to print out with different level addition questions 

Ordering numbers Maths | Numbers | Number symbols


What time does the programme start? Maths | Measuring | Time and date

Calculating journey times Maths | Calculation | Addition

What's the date? Maths | Measuring | Time and date 


Debating probability Maths | Percent and fractions | Probability  


Double dominoes Maths | Calculation | Multiplication  

Matching multiplication Maths | Calculation | Multiplication 


Planning a kitchen Maths | Shapes | Maps and plans

Finding the family jewels Maths | Shapes | Maps and plans  

Saturday, 24 November 2012

More Timers

I have listed some useful timers in a previous blog entry

Here are some more:
Classroom timer fromToolbox Pro

Virtual Manipulatives (find it on the toolbar at the bottom of the page)
                                thanks to Teaching Learners with Multiple Special post
                                                                    Virtual Manipulatives for Math

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Work sheet to print off  from Worksheet Genius 


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Skills and qualities

This video from Schools World can be used to  identify some of the skills and qualities needed to work as a mechanic

Use this worksheet :(download from Box net)
  • Identify sector and transferable skills  
  • Tick off the skills you see in the film.
These resources are intended for Entry 3 and link to the employability unit from OCR, Assessing myself for work.

For other resources for skills and qualities see my other blog entries

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Skills and Qualities

This resource from Northern Ireland Curriculum has some good resources for understanding skills and qualities needed for work.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Entry 2/3 Functional Skills English Punctuation

Entry 2/3 Functional Skills English Punctuation

 For the interactive whiteboard :

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Jobs People Do

I have added a Blockbuster quiz about Job titles .The students have helped with this and provided  me with some brief job descriptions.

You can make your own on Teacher Direct 

 or play our  Quiz here

See a PowerPoint  Blockbuster work skills resources here

Friday, 5 October 2012

Health and Safety

This Quiz from BBC Northern Ireland was featured in my blog in 2008.
I use it every time I do health and safety,so thought it deserved another mention.

Autism: Another piece in the puzzle


Reactickles  and Somantics  are new computer programmes which  help with communication difficulties by creating rewarding interactive experiences.
 Both programmes can be used on Ipad 2  or  computer (Mac or Windows)with  data projector and Microsoft Kinnect
Each programme has its own website.They are free to download
Reactickles              check out the download section for guidance

Somantics                check out  the download section for guidance

Autism: Another piece in the puzzle is a 30 minute Radio Wales programme available to listen to until 7th October which  introduces the programmes

New resource for E safety

A new online safety resource designed for young people and adults with a learning disability has been developed by JISC TechDis 

 East Midlands E-Safety Project website is full of resources and information for students,parents and teachers.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Food hygiene

A useful resource to use for Entry 2- Level 1 learners to teach safety and hygiene in the kitchen. Fact sheets are available on kitchen health and safety from Jamie's home cooking

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New year starts with a horticulture to do list

At the weekend I was planning my Horticulture enterprise to do list:
I have found some useful guides to help plan the horticulture year.

A month by month guide

 Autumn planting veg from Thompson and Morgan

In September I will be 

Ordering  for Autumn Planting:

Vegetable seeds

Broad beans

Peas  - Meteor


Winter lettuce
Meraviglia d'Inverno

LAMBS LETTUCE  e.g.Verte de Cambrai and D'Olanda; Cavallo.


ONIONS  Garlic and Shallot Sets

Onions- Electric (red ) Radar (yellow) and Shakespeare white


Monday, 11 June 2012


We  have joined Terracycle Writing Brigade.
We collect old biros,felt tip pens and board pens. We are about to post off our first collection,a 5kg box of used pens. Terracycle will donate 2p for every pen collected either to your school or a nominated charity.
It has helped us learn  about identifying different materials,about recycling plastic, and given us some good practice at weighing. I'll post some of the resources we have used but mean time check out the Terracycle website

News-2-You covers the Isle of Wight Music festival

New-2-You is free until 30th June.This week's edition covers The Isle of Wight Music Festival.
Will it stop raining in time ?....

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Learning disability garden wins gold at Chelsea

It was Furzey Gardens first ever entry at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show and they clinched the top prize. BBC NEWS

 Furzey Gardens is part of a registered charitable organisation which provides training and residential care for young people with learning difficulties through the work of Minstead Training Project in the heart of the New Forest.
The Project is an award-winning Horticultural Training Centre where young adults with learning difficulties can live and learn and grow to their own full and unique potential.

Sunday, 13 May 2012


L'Arche Bognor in Trosly, France
This photo is from the L'Arche Bognor Flickr photostream

'L'Arche is an international movement which builds faith based communities, with people with learning disabilities, all over the world.'

L'Arche in the UK support people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential.

The Flickr photostream for L'Arche Bognor Regis is a wonderful example of their work.

An interesting website  is a website 'for people who like science but find reading and writing difficult.'

It has lots of picture links (on more than science) and uses Widgit symbols.

The best find  for me was the Makaton page and the link to the
 Inclusive Communication page from Essex which has lots of Makaton videos.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Resources

Free until June 30th 2012 ,the current edition of News-2-You is devoted to the Diamond jubilee.It has news stories,jokes,games and comprehension activities.

Boardmaker Activities Mayer Johnson(log in to a free account first also requires Boardmaker to open resources)

 Has a collection of 27 PCS ThinLine symbols relating to the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II. The collection includes symbols of members of the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace and other locations and various activities surrounding the Diamond Jubilee. The downloadable .zip file includes the library file for Boardmaker products (for English US, UK, Aus, and NZ), sample boards and installation instructions.


Widgit resource
A PDF contains a ready to print, fully symbolised information booklet. It has information about the Queen’s coronation and details of the central week of celebrations in June. This is accompanied by a set of Diamond Jubilee flash card.

By Royal Appointment...A free piece of clipart to use in your Jubilee projects