Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dangers in the Kitchen

updated today -30/10/15,sorry to say some of the links have been removed as they are no linger available

Dangers in the Kitchen from Home Safety Game

Disaster Kitchen from Harcourt school (needs shock wave)

Dangers in the Kitchen from Sensory World

Fire Safety Pack from Widgit includes Kitchen Safety Requires COMMUNICATION IN PRINT to download

London Fire Brigade (entry3)
Spot the Hazard in the Kitchen( a bit small and needs reading )

Cleaner Hands

Here are some resources for teaching hand washing to students with a learning disability.

From the BBC learning Zone, for young people with a severe learning difficulty (Milestone 8) Dirty Hands- a short animated film show a young man eating crisps with dirty hands.

Also from the BBC learning Zone (an Entry 3 resource)

A film :

Hand washing posters from Teachers Underground (Entry level)

Primary section of the Carex site has some good resources on hand washing You will need to register before viewing the resources.

Germs don't like soap animated film (shows vomiting!)

Three hand washing videos,although none are exactly what I wanted
hand washing on You tube

hand washing on Video jug

hand washing challenge

For further links and resources view my blog entries Clean Hands and More Clean hands

food hygiene

Family learning has a list of useful Food games to help teach food hygiene

Scenario cards from Food a Fact of Life
A series of questions with answers
e.g. What would you do if you needed to got to the toilet while cooking ?

Food a Fact of Life
has a series of PowerPoint on Food Hygiene Food contamination suitable for entry 3. A bit wordy but has all the information.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

TES Schools Award

I’ve just been to the TES Schools Award held in London on 8th July. I thought it was a great occasion . The TES invited some of their contributors and as I’ve uploaded quite a number of resources I was invited along.

The TES awards were hosted by Rory Bremner who entertained us with some sharp and witty comedy with a few up to the minute jokes at The News of The World’s expense.

Rory Bremner commented on a recent programme he had made for Radio 4 ADHD and me . It is still available on the I player and well worth a listen.

Other SEN highlights included the award to Beverley Evans from Communication 4 all for her outstanding contribution to the TES website.She has contributed 275 resources which have been viewed 2,559,485 times.

Outstanding Special Needs School of the Year was won by

The New School at West Heath, Sevenoaks, Kent

for their pioneering therapeutic centre: Heart.

The TES F.E awards (previously the Star awards) are up next and its not too late to nominate someone -closing date Friday 15 July