Sunday, 30 March 2014

Lost and Found Entry 1 Literacy

Excellence Gateway Literary resources 
were published some years ago but still provide some useful resources.

They include
 Entry 1 unit 1 Lost and Found 

and  the accompanying Teacher Notes and Audio files

 Unit includes a story about Pickles and the World cup  which should tie in with the Football World cup this summer.

Skills workshop have a number of resources linked to Pickles

Some more personal safety links

How to stay safe when out and about           
                                  A  PDF Easy read guide from Surrey Police

A complete list of their easy read documents can be found in their Personal safety section


Mate crime - staying safe from people who pretend to be your friend

How to stay safe when you are travelling

Living with Autism

Image for Living with Autism

Duration: 1 hour
'When pioneering developmental psychologist Professor Uta Frith started her training back in the 1960s, she met a group of beautiful, bright-eyed young children who seemed completely detached from the rest of the world.
It turned out they had just been given the then-new diagnosis of autism. Uta passionately wanted to know more about these children, and they inspired her to dedicate the rest of her career to studying the autistic mind.
On the eve of National Autism Day, Horizon reveals how Uta's lifetime study of people with autism has transformed our understanding of this mysterious condition.
In this film Uta shows how people with autism perceive and interact with the world and how, for them, another kind of reality exists. She meets people with autism who have extraordinary talents, and explains why they often fail to understand jokes. She also explores whether many of us could be just a little bit autistic' BBC website