Monday, 1 September 2008

Healthy Eating 1

Here are some resources to help you encourage healthy eating with your students with learning difficulties
updated on 30/10/15 - unfortunately some links have been removed because they can no longer be found

The Shape up DVD is made in Somerset by
a professional filmmaker and adults with a learning disability.
It is fun and has some messages about being overweight and underweight and the importance of good nutrition for keeping fit.It has a good example of how to use the food wheel and looks inside lunchboxes to reveal an array of unhealthy items!You can watch a demo on the Shape Up website. The video costs £10.00

Comic Company has a balance of good health floor mat and cards along with posters for £2.00.

If you want your resources free there is a PDF to download of a black and white balance of good health blank plate and teaching ideas on how to use the mat (it is not specific to students with learning difficulties)

The Eatwell plate is free to download from the Food Standards Agency

The Food Standard agency has a number of age appropriate interactive games which you could use on the interactive whiteboard. a balanced plate would be good as a whole class activity. It requires items to be dragged and dropped into the correct section. There is no sound and it requires reading.

Select a breakfast also looks good. It has sound but again might be better as a whole class activity as it will need help to interpret the results. It prints out the choices you have made .

Sensory World also has a healthy choice activity

Crick web has 2 drag and drop games. You match the name of the fruit or vegetable to the picture. It doesn't self correct or tell you when the game is finished but the photos are good . A good whole class/small group activity.

Black and white clip art of food is available here Planet has free food colouring pages(these would be useful if you were using the food wheel or eatwell plate)

With my pre entry students I have been concentrating on good foods,bad foods and special treats .
I've made pairs games to help learn names and signs of fruit .We have done a lot of tasting and cooking using healthy foods.
Some signs to use for this topic including good,bad,chocolate and bread can be found at the BSL site . Many BSL signs are shared with Makaton/Signalong/Total Communication

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