Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More videos about jobs

A video about Working at Starbucks A typical day

A video of Asda People

  Ian Driver colleague   or on You tube (not a relevant job but useful for those who love lorries!)

Peter - Fish counter

Tracy Store community colleague

Allan Personal delivery driver

NB always check these will work at college before you use them!

Direct Gov has a Jobs Profile section.

There is a page of text about almost every job including pay and working hours,for example Car Valet Bus or Coach driver

Monday, 14 February 2011

Posters from Aspiration for Life

Aspirations for Life News letter
has a range of posters showing positive images of people with learning disabilities at work There are 16 posters in total, and they are all A3 size. You can buy a set of 16 for £16.80 (this includes VAT and postage)
They also say ' you are also welcome to download the posters as Jpeg images from this website (right click each picture below and press "save image as") but we should stress that these are at a relatively low pixel size and would not print up particularly well at A3.'

Real jobs for people with a learning disability

The Easy Read Guide : Government strategy to get people with a learning disability into paid work for 16 hours per week by 2025
Also see Valuing Employment Now Dept of Health

'Richard loves trains. He has a moderate learning disability. Sabre Supported Employment found Richard a job as a Train Care Assistant. His job coach stayed with him for a year. He taught Richard the tasks of the job to make sure he never made any mistakes. Fourteen years later, Richard is still in full time employment on the railways.' Valuing Employment Now: real jobs for people with learning disabilities page 24

To make this strategy work, everyone will need to believe that it is possible for people with learning disabilities to get jobs. They will need to believe that this would be a good thing.Valuing Employment Now: real jobs for people with learning disabilities page 18A job will be the usual choice when people leave school or college.
People will not do courses at college that don’t give them skills for work.
Supported employment with job coaching will be part of college courses.
There will be a clear pathway to work for all people with learning disabilities and families will be involved.Valuing Employment Now: real jobs for people with learning disabilities page 11

Watch this short video on the Department of Health website
Real jobs for people with a Learning Disability

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Preparing for Work Activities

We have started to explore jobs for Preparing for Work Entry 3 . I used Blockbusters as a fun activity based around jobs. Make up your own questions such as which C can be Commercial or Domestic ? - Cleaner or get a set here from my Box net
You can download the Blockbuster Power point from Primary Resources

Valentine's day

Talk Sense are offering Valentine symbols on request to use free of charge for non-commercial purposes. They are mostly .wmf vector graphics

Makaton has a free download of signs and symbols for Valentine's day and a Valentine's E card

Mouse Skills

Slide the shape puzzle across : Shape Puzzles from Papunet

The puzzles start with 2 pieces and rise to 48

From The Whiteboard Room ICT section a power point to develop left mouse click. Click on each square to reveal a picture . Includes football,swimming and cricket.

Free Games from Help Kidz learn.

There are always a couple of free games available but you must register for a free account first

From Symbol World . Move the flies to the leaf and watch the Chameleon catch each one

A much faster mouse skills game is the Gopher Game from Room 108 needs FLASH to work

A site that develops moving the mouse, left click, right click , double click,drag and drop and clicking on buttons is Mouse Program Also see my other blog entries on Mouse skills

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