Sunday, 19 January 2014

A time lesson

Chuckle brothers
The Chuckle Brothers explain how to read the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 5 minutes including  how to calculate time intervals and find start or end times for a given time interval.

Find it on the BBC learning Zone 
Clip 1802

A worksheet to print out   counting in 5's worksheets

What is the time? worksheet 

 Counting by 5's more worksheet 

Differentiated work : differences in time

Also see my other blog entries on time 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

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A work book/Powerpoint adapted from my original Power point  Why recycling?

A good resource adapted by Sophie Owen

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Get ready to clap your hands!

Thanks to SLD Forum for letting me know about Pharrell Williams "Happy"
 As well as being a great tune to clap and dance to it includes people of every shape size and colour !

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Autism and Nature

'Autism and Nature have published three guides which aim to help families and teachers of children with autism to access nature and the countryside in Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex. The guides should also be useful to those living and working with adults on the autistic spectrum. The first chapter of each guide introduces some of the benefits of nature and the countryside for children with autism. This is followed by a guide to ‘natural’ places to visit in the countryside, which they believe many children with autism will enjoy. The guides end with a series of case stories, describing visits to the countryside by school children with autism and related conditions'        text quoted from website

Monday, 6 January 2014

Using BBC Clips



Recently I haven't found it easy to find the BBC SEN clips . I did have the ones I needed saved on Delicious and bookmarked but all  websites seem to reorganize  and break the links

I have now made my own list :


Know who your friends are clip 6722

Online safety (pt 1/2)  clip 6710

Online safety (pt 2/2) clip 6711

Bullying: Henry's story clip 6712

If the time's right: peer pressure  clip 6713

Leave me alone: inappropriate attention clip 6708

He got told: how NOT to get a girlfriend clip 6707

Dealing with feelings clip 6706

Movie mayhem: bad behaviour at the cinema clip 6705

 We want a party: working together clip 6704

Safety on Facebook


A useful video from Solihull Advocacy
The tips they cover are:;postID=3764096366024079387

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Making The Most of It.

This photo is called Making The Most of It.It was taken during a wild and windy October day. It wasn't quite so wet as the recent weather!

I think making the most of it is what I want to do this year: 
Work as hard as I can for my students and try and develop the skills they need for their next step in life .But  I want to achieve this and do things for myself as well !   I'd like to get better at Photography,improve my running: Parkrun is a great safe and social way to run.
I'm also starting a course at college on using Social Media,so I may be blogging a bit more to practice some of my new skills!

I've written 23 posts this year, most have been linked to subjects I am teaching . Since September I have been teaching Personal Safety including Road Safety,a gardening enterprise, ICT safety, Community Action,Recycling and  Maths and English.

We still use the OCR qualification : Life and Living and Employability but are exploring the opportunities offered by using RARPA,especially with students working at Milestone 8 or below.

My college is now  in its third year of waiting for OFSTED but  it should be over by February as this is the end of the legal time limit .

It was with dismay that I read the recent Guardian article:

Further education became Ofsted's new punchbag

I wish you a Happy New Year, sucess with your students and a good work life balance
Here are a list of my top ten posts from the last 5 years: