Monday, 27 September 2010


Image: Imagine symbols
I love this blog entry from Autism Teacher about how she set up a tooth cleaning regime in her class and her dedication to saving toothpaste !

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Electrical Safety

This blog entry was updated on 30/10/15.I was disappointed to find how many good resources has been removed by IET and Sellafield

   Spot the Hazard - from EDF electrical safety at home Electrical safety around the home from switched on kids

Electrical safety signs from Classroom activities Sellafield
  Dangers in the Bathroom worksheet Also see my blog entries for Health and Safety

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Snap! Winners

Mencap Snap! 2010 competition has now finished and the winner announced. You can see the winning photos at The Guardian
Mencap are also taking the photos on tour so you can see them for yourself at the following locations:


Friday, 24 September 2010

Remember The Wilderness Downtown

Do you remember where you lived as a child ?

The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive film by Chris Milk featuring "We Used To Wait" by Arcade Fire
I don't think you could watch this at your college - there would be far too much buffering ! Enjoy it at home.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Appropriate behaviour

Greeting This short film can be downloaded from the BBC Learning Zone. A boy is going to the doctor's surgery. On his way he encounters a number of different people. He is shown engaging with them and demonstrates both inappropriate and appropriate behaviour when meeting different people.The film is suitable for using with students with a severe learning disability . The learning Zone also has a good range of short films for students with a moderate learning difficulties / Autism which cover many aspects of relationships and appropriate behaviour.

Bullying Henry has a mild learning difficulty. A boy and a girl who go to his school are bullying him and he's not sure what to do about it.

Dealing with feelings Several teenagers with learning difficulties talk about how they deal with uncomfortable feelings like anger and being fed-up.

Bad behaviour at the cinema Marcel is an autistic teenager. His friend Joe invites him to the cinema. Joe has Downs Syndrome. Other friends are invited too.

Staying out of trouble Henry's got a mild learning difficulty. He's at his aunt's house with his cousin Jade and a couple of her friends. A fight starts and Henry's not sure what he should do.

Inappropriate Attention A teenage girl is being pestered at school by a boy in her class. Both of them have mild learning difficulties. It has been going on for a while

peer pressure and sex A boy-girl teenage couple have been going out together for a few months. Her best friend boasts about having sex with her boyfriend

how not to get a girlfriend A teenage fantasist tries to chat-up two fellow students. It doesn’t go very well.

on line safety A teenage boy is online in his bedroom. He's communicating with someone using instant messenger

Know who your friends are Jodie's autistic. She and her friend John are at a party. All's going well and everyone is having fun until two slightly older teenagers gatecrash the party.

Monday, 20 September 2010


This film is about the recycling process for mixed waste. It is an American on You Tube Recycle Bank but still a useful film because of the good visual presentation . I will be using it with my entry level students .

4 other places to look for resources for teaching about recycling

My blog entry on recycling has a link to recycling games suitable for students with learning disabilities.

Learn Any time :
Reduce Reuse Recycle -links

A quiz about recycling aluminium
(no pictures and requires reading)

A quiz about recycling from Recycle Zone
(no pictures and requires reading)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Relationships-Staying faithful

Will's story from BBC Ouch!
Is a good resource for using with young adults with a learning disability (entry level)
In this story Will finds out his girlfriend is pregnant and he is worried about settling down. He is tempted to be unfaithful with one of Diamond's friend Laura and struggles with the dilemma -Stay with Diamond or go with Laura?
We get to look at his two options .
Also see my blog entry Us 5 from BBC Ouch

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Classroom timers for the Interactive whiteboard

Class timer

From Class tools a countdown timer with sound

sorry to see this is now only available to Kent schools.All schools should be able to use these resources.   

Use this you tube video instead

Using countdown timers in powerpoint

Virtual stop watch

From Jim Luther's Assistive Technology Collection
countDown is a simple standalone countdown timer to download that provides visual and auditory cues regarding the timer's status.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Get rewarded for sharing your resources

TES are offering a £10 voucher for every 3 special needs resources uploaded to their website. The offer runs to the 31.10.10. Details of the scheme can be found here.

Friday, 3 September 2010


Soundbeam is an award-winning device which uses sensor technology to translate body movement into digitally generated sound and image.'
We have a Soundbeam 5 on order and today we have been looking at ideas for using the Soundbeam with adults with learning disabilities

This video from Capability Scotland shows how the Soundbeam can be used successfully with adults with a learning disability and or physical disabilities.

Nordoff-Robbins music therapy are experienced users of the Soundbeam and this video is an inspiring example:

Two others to watch:

Soundbeam’s use in Secondary education
Teachers TV Secondary ICT kit (6 minutes in)