Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My Big Day

Entry 2 English Resource

This is a resource I've used a lot over the years . Its  good to practice listening for key information .
I use it for my entry1/2 learners. The resource can be found on the Excellence Gateway. 

From time to time the links on the website go missing and it takes time to track them down so I also have them on My Box net  just in case I can never find them again on the Excellence Gateway!


Let Me Love You - Reading the Lyrics



Here is a teaching resource for an Entry 1 English group

The resources can be downloaded from My Box net.(see links below)

Watch the video,

You Tube Video:

DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You

read the lyrics- at E1 just the chorus

Lyrics - Chorus only  

complete the worksheet 

either  Entry 1 work sheet  a reading and gap fill exercise or an Entry 2 worksheet

which includes  reading, gap fill and find the meaning of the word heartbreak in the dictionary 

 The full lyrics for the song are here

Growing potatoes

Its time to start sprouting the potatoes ready for planting

Here are some resources to use 

Grow your own Potatoes  website has SEN resources:

 Grow your own potatoes

Includes  a powerpoint : Growing potatoes is fun
and factsheets 

Planting potatoes

Growing potatoes  

also a range of sensory ideas 

 Other resources 

Growing Potatoes  from Sparklebox

Potato growing Cut and stick  from Sparkelbox

 A set of symbols from Essex County Council


Wednesday, 8 February 2017


 A literacy lesson I  created a few years ago but used again recently.
This year I used a very simplified version for Entry 1 learners but you will  also find  here material suitable for Entry2/3 learners.
Introduce with the PowerPoint

Discussion when you have felt proud or when someone has been proud of you

Give out lyrics. Read through

I  just used  the chorus for my entry 1 learners

High light the words as per the worksheet

the video on you Tube : Heather Small Proud

Play again . This time follow with the lyrics sheet.

Gap fill  1

Gap fill 2


Lesson Plan


Mo Farah writing exercise

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Workshop Words

A symbol sheet for the workshop


A symbol resource to use in photography lessons