Thursday, 24 March 2011


Photographer Denis Darzacq's photos make an interesting viewing

Here are some more resources to help teach Shopping at entry level.

An interactive tour of Asda

A PowerPoint about Essential v Luxury shopping items download from My Box net

A work sheet about shops

Food A Fact of Life

Page 17 from Home Eco N.I. Curriculum Supermarket sweep :
Supermarkets are divided into different sections visit the supermarket, tick the box as you find each section.

shopping project worksheets


New Zealand Special Education Curriculum

Also from Northern Ireland Curriculum

interactive Shopping activity to practise spending money

Laundry - How should I put it away ?

A PowerPoint quiz about how to put away socks, shirts, jackets etc
available to download from my Box net

One in Ten

The Guardian has an interesting and informative

Kayte Brimacombe's photography exhibition

One in Ten at the OXO gallery.

The photos feature young people with a dual diagnosis of Downs Syndrome and Autism.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Food Storage

Some resources to teach food storage. These resources are suitable for students with a learning disability working at entry level . Updated 30/10/15 (old links removed!)

Food storage a work sheet from Food a Fact of Life   

Storing Food Worksheet 1 and work sheet 2 from Food a Fact of Life

Fill the fridge PowerPoint from TES
(may need adapting for lower level students)

Food storage from the NI curriculum thematic unit MLD:
Home Economics Stop the Rot

Click on the PowerPoint link for the thematic units for good PowerPoints on Food StorageThe Fridge Game
A game to print out/cut out/laminate and play from the Food standards agency

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


In this lesson my students are working towards Developing ICT skills entry 1
Entry 1 now includes all pre entry students.
Task 1
Accept hand on hand guidance to use a switch:
Games from Help Kidz Learn

Use a switch to build an image,repeating presses until image is complete

NGFL Senswitcher

Use switches in a variety of tools to effect different actions-

Visit Mouse skills( my blog entry)

to do a puzzle and play a game

Task 3

recognising and using on-screen symbols and images

switch music

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sound beam 5

I am slowly learning how to use our Sound beam 5. Our college received money from Action for Inclusion which has allowed us to buy this excellent piece of equipment. I am using Soundbeam 5 in enrichment as part of a performing arts class with Entry1/2 students with a learning disability age16- 25. Last week we enjoyed a space story which you can download to use/adapt from my Box net.

The story used the Soundset: SPACE which can be found already installed on the soundbeam 5 .
We have 2 beams and 3 switches. To ensure everyone had a part 1 beam was controlled by 3 people,the other beam by 2 people and we also used a piano keyboard as an extra part.
Spots for the floor really help for this ,so everyone knows where to stand.We started by individually trying all the sounds and talking about their part in the story before performing the story.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Managing Money E 3

Making My own Way is a module from the E2E program. (link updated March 2017)
It covers bank accounts,budgeting,ways to pay, wages and debt management. It is mainly Level 1 but has many resources which could be used with Entry 3 students
You can review similar resources by searching in the Embedded Learning Portal

Adding UK coins

Doorway Online

has a money game Cashing in
'Practise selecting coins to make specific sums of money. Levels range from working within 10p to working within £2. Click on the coins in the purse or the hand to add or remove coins. It is possible to show or hide a running total.'

other interactive resources are listed in my blog entry Recognising coins UK

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Healthy Eating

Food a Fact of Life
has activities for teaching about
Healthy Eating

Activities 1-4

What foods do you like
What is the eatwell plate

Do you need to eat lots or a little

how many fruit and veg do you need to eat in a day

Higher level Food group activity

There are also a range of worksheets covering various food and cooking

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Welcome to the Sensory Garden

Sensory World has a garden to explore and has lots of activities for Spring Summer Autumn and Winter.
This site is good for students working at Entry 1 and below.