Saturday, 15 May 2021

Road safety

Some resources for teaching road safety:

  • From Northern Ireland Curriculum:

In Out and Beyond Thematic unit What's out there page 12  and 13 

and Going Places 


also from that pack resource 22 traffic lights and crossing the road



 From my Box net

A survey How do you get to college WORD  

A survey How do you get to college PDF

A survey about going out on your own  PDF   

A survey about going out on your own WORD
A travel safe guide can be found on the northern Ireland page

in the search section put in travel safe guide 

  • Road safety starts on page 19

  From My Box net 

A music based activity -listening  for modes of transport in songs PDF

A music based activity - spotting modes pf transport in song WORD 

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Cash Machines safety

 How to use a cash machine a You tube video



Page 11(18/19 ) of the Keep safe  guide from the home office 

available on the Well aware website

 A You Tube video from Gwent Police 



An easy read guide to using debit cards  




Sunday, 2 May 2021

excellence Gateway Maths and English resources

entry 2 english



my big day

Unit 2

entertainment and leisure

Unit 3

the issue

Unit 4

safety on the street

Unit 5

find that job



Rules and tools

 entry 1 english 



Lost and Found

Unit 2

keeping healthy

Unit 3

where i live

Unit 4

new job at the cafe

Unit 5

using computers



Rules and tools

Health and safety safety sign resources

Health and safety signs shape identification  worksheet  WORD      

Health and safety signs shape identification  worksheet   PDF

 Electrical safety signs 

available from the national archives

safety signs bingo

health and safety bingo  from My Box net

Health and safety signs quiz

 based on a resource adapted form the internet which is no longer available   so I have saved this to MY

Keeping safe when out

  website Speak Up  has a range of good  Personal and road safety resource

has videos  and power point presentations covering 

bus safety

taxi safety

road safety  


This Video from Speak Up 

covers simple rules to keep safe

crossing the road 

different types of crossing   suitable for Milestone and entry 1 students 

 This video is about riding your bike safely

Transport for London adapted booklet  ( from My Box net)

Keep safe questions  ( from My Box net) ( based on information in the Transport for London adapted document Keep safe section ) Be bright be seen game suitable for milestone level /entry 1

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Resources for learning about the vaccine

 Visit Keep Safe

 This website specialises in easy read resources . There are also audio versions to accompany the posters

Monday, 6 April 2020

Corona Virus : What is it and how to look after Yourself

Lockdown story - A social story using Makaton signs and symbols, by Alex Kelly, Speaking Space

All their Covid 19 resources can be found on their website Speaking Space

 An Easy Read Guide from My Life My Choice
Mencap Information about Covid 19 Easy read Guide
Keep Safe have links to a lot of useful resources

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Photography at Home

Here are three photography projects you can try at home.


You can download it from My Box net

As a PDF or a Word document

 Thank you to JayBird Illustration  who wrote the Word document. I have adapted it slightly 

You can find Jay Bird Illustration at or follow on Instagram

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Maths Challenge

 Here are some resources I will be sharing with my Independence plus learners working at Entry 1 
These are all tablet friendly

 Here is the daily Maths Challenge

Lots to practice here  on Hit the Button

you can practice Number bonds


Times Tables