Friday, 25 January 2013

No shadow on the Interactive whiteboard...

We had an interesting training session on using the interactive whiteboard effectively. There were some wonderful ideas but the most significant thing was that they used an interactive whiteboard which didn't cast a  shadow when anyone approaches the board.  It was an Hitachi data projector. It is  too late for us at the moment,but when a replacement is needed we will certainly be looking for a board that can be used interactively,with ease  by our students!

My Study Bar : Free!

EduApps consists of eight useful software collections all  free  to download and use.
The EduApps Family  software  supports teaching and learning.You can check out the range on their website
My favourite resource is My Study Bar. It can be saved on a memory stick or downloaded to a student's own home computer It gives a free reading tool. Its not designed for learners with severe disabilities but could be considered for Entry 2/3 learners, depending on their individual needs and abilities.

Easy News!

Ouch! the disability blog from BBC put me on to a free new current affairs resource.

United Response has just launched their first edition of Easy News  with the next edition planned for March 2013. It is a newspaper for people with a learning disability.
You can ask for the news to be sent by email,something I will encourage my students to do.


We will be having a Boccia Contest with our neighbouring F.E. College next month.
 I have previously mentioned Adapted Physical Education from NGFL Wales  a very good website which explains the rules and has lots of symbol based resources .

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The BBC Word of Mouth Programme on Tuesday 15th January featured Michael Rosen meeting parents, researchers and carers to explore the ways we communicate with people with autism or profound learning disabilities.
This 28 minute programme is available to listen again  on the BBC website.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Play it safe Health and safety games

Play it  Safe Health and Safety games  

Is a website with different health and safety activities. I like the Safety hazards game which is appropriate for Entry 3 students and the video activity.
Some of the activities are aimed at a higher level

The demo page  for playing the activities on line is here

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Find the Hazards

This interactive hazard picture can be found on the TES website

Friday, 11 January 2013

It's Health and Safety for brains

'It's Health and Safety for brains' is a blog thread from Sparky Teacher with a free set of Motivational posters. 
It uses the health and safety signs shape, colour and meaning to deliver short meaningful messages such as 'Respect is a two way thing' and 'Celebrate your achievements'