Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ted Talks:Temple Grandin

The world needs all kinds of minds

Teaching to a student's interest : Now CDs

The 'Now CDs' are quite popular with my students.
I've discovered that there is a website devoted to the NOW CD series which is well worth a visit.

At the top of the home page is a link to each year (beginning with 1983).
The Cd covers are featured and include song titles and track length .
There is also an online
quiz about the Now CD series
I've used the CD covers to make a bingo game.This has helped with reading numbers to 74.
I've also created a Now 39 Comprehension E1 worksheet (available on the TES web site)

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Making a film

We have started a new stop motion animation film . Our first job was to develop a story line. This needed some skill development so I started the process by using individual cartoon pictures from Comix Strips

There is an
online Comic strip maker but I printed off individual pictures from the printables section (staff scribed for the students) -They just had to come up with the ideas.

Our next step was to create our own comic strip.This would help the students understand the importance of a story.
Under the 'direction' of a Learning Assistant the students created a story in 5 simple photographs e.g
students want to play some music, they all have different ideas- when the music comes on its too loud- It gets turned down and everyone is happy.... We then made a PowerPoint- (we collaborated by viewing the Power Point on a large screen) and added dialogue. We were all very pleased with the result. This week we started on creating a story board for our film.

I followed the hints given on Making Stop Motion Movies. The Story board section suggested a structure which begins with the elements of the story followed by character development and finally creating the story board.
To finish we watched a 10 minute film suggested by Making Stop Motion Movies
Frog and Toad Behind the scenes
Also see my other blog entries on animation.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Fair Trade Fortnight and Every Student Matters

Fair Trade fortnight offers the opportunity to embed some discussion of ethical shopping and cover the Every Student Matters curriculum.
For Fairtrade Fortnight, Oxfam, Cafédirect and the Fairtrade Foundation are offering a swap of a bag of quality donations for a box of Cafédirect tea.
Find out more

Oxfam are also suggesting you can to join in the Fairtrade Fortnight celebrations by Holding a Cafédirect Tea Party. Cafédirect have created a Tea Party Kit that you can download from their website with recipes and ideas for your party.

The five themes of Every Student Matters:
1) Being healthy 2) Staying safe 3) Enjoying and achieving 4) Making a positive contribution 5) Achieving economic well-being

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Planting Seeds

Seed planting has begun.
The Gardening Family Learning Pack is a resource from Liverpool Community Learning which has a 2 page picture guide to planting seeds in a pot (pages 8 and 9)
The resource is hosted on the Talent website. (Registration is free)

For further gardening resources see my blog entries on Gardening