Friday, 28 August 2009

Planning the year ahead

Here are some web sources to help you include topical resources in you planning.

Adult Basic Skills Resource Centre - Topical Links

from Skills Workshop. Links to basic skills resources

British Life and Culture from Woodlands Junior school, Kent

Each date links to further information


Britain's What's On Event Guide
thanks for the link from Citizenship a blog from Mr Copper at Maplewell Hall School

Book Clubs
from Scholastic has links to resources - a mix of items to buy and links to other websites . Resources are aimed at lower age and are not SEN specific. A subscription is required to access these resources.

Resources from the U.S

The Teachers corner
Has links to free resources .

Teacher vision

A calendar of dates. A mix of historic dates e.g. Great Fire of London, and current U.S dates e.g Labor Day.
All dates are linked to resources but these are aimed at a school age market and are U.S based . You can view three resources for free before subscribing for $40.

Events, Lessons, and Resources for Teachable Moments

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Time to declare your CPD

Only a few days left to declare your CPD - deadline 31 August 2009

The deadline for declaring your continuing professional development (CPD) to IfL is fast approaching. CPD declarations should be completed by 31 August 2009.

You'll need your password and user name:
( you'll have a certificate/letter /email ...somewhere with your log in details )

  1. REfLECT users – should send their completed CPD Record to IfL, using the REfLECT system.
  2. If not using the on line declaration ( REfLECT) complete the CPD Declaration form available via My Pages .

If having trouble phone Institute for Learning:

0844 815 3202

Tips on the IFL web site

Get a colleague to show you -It is so much quicker than working it all out for yourself!

Information on setting up an Autistic classroom

Here are some links from the web which may be useful if you are setting up a new classroom for students with autism. I have tried to find links which maybe relevant to 16+.

Cindy's Autistic Support

has lots of links including

Structure in Classroom

About our classroom

Pictures of our classroom

Autism has picture of classrooms including a classroom for teenagers

Podcasts on setting up an effective classroom has two podcasts on an effective autism classroom (introduction and schedules)

Structured Teaching: Strategies for Supporting Students with Autism?
Is a paper by Susan Stokes

covering :
What is structured teaching?

Physical structure

Visual schedules

Work systems and schedules

Autism4teachers has many pages incuding Classsroom structure which has lots of photos of classrooms.