Sunday, 20 June 2010

5 free art ideas

please note May 2011 the 5 free inspiration sheet are no longer available
Cheese Potato and Onion is offering 5 free inspiration sheets to download. Just register your email address. The inspiration sheets include ideas for creating art with balloons, bubbles,balls,flowers and stencils.

Cheese potato and onion also offer a fee paying subscription service for service workers, carers or parents.The service provides tried and tested, age appropriate art projects, for people with learning disabilities including high support needs and visual impairments.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

More World Cup resources

Teaching News has some more World Cup links to share.

I like the link to Communication for All which includes many resources suitable for young people with a learning disability.
The map of World Cup locations and power point of images of South Africa look good
Also see my other blog entries on the World cup

Preparing Schedules

Picto selector is a Word based programme for preparing schedules and other materials for children and young people with autism. It is a free download developed by the parent of a child with autism.

It is available in a number of different languages by going to the start page

PECS for all

The program makes use of free symbols such as

Age appropriate resources

Special Needs Toys has launched a new website :

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Symbols for the Sensory Room

Mike Ayres Designs has a free download of printable Symbols for Sensory Room items and activities. Symbols include Bubble tube, fibre optics, torches, windbox . A great resource for anyone using a Sensory environment.

England V USA World Cup

This is a worksheet for talking about the World Cup football match on Wednesday 16th June England V USA but it could be adapted for other matches. There is also an England flag to colour and a pendant template.The work sheet has been made for a group of young adults on the autistic spectrum . The Boardmaker signs for fantastic, good, not sure, not good and awful have been removed for copy right reasons but you could put them back.The worksheet was prepared by my talented colleague Sophie - thank you for sharing ! The work sheets can be downloaded from my 4 shared space. Look for this logo and it will lead to the download link :

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ladysmith Black Mambazo Music from South Africa

One of my students introduced me to his most favourite musician in the world:
Ladysmith Black Mambazo:
Listen on You Tube

We were using music as a theme for our literacy lessons
(milestone 8 Entry 1)
I made the group a worksheet and he bought the music.

The worksheet are available to download from my Box net.

Entry 1 worksheet to download Word version PDF version Milestone 8 worksheet to download Word version PDF version

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Foundation Learning

The QCDA has a new statement (9th May)

Statement about funding Foundation Learning programmes for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Here are some further Foundation links

None of the links from my June 2009 Foundation Learning blog entry now work !

The Excellence Gateway will provide
An introduction

An introductory guide from ASDAN :
The Foundation Learning Tier

A list of all the qualifications available under Foundation Learning

Pre entry learners will now take an entry 1 qualification using The 10 stage continuum

This 10 stage continuum is copied from the
edexcel website
because I can no longer find it on QDCA or Excellence gateway -Can any one help?

The Entry 1 Achievement Continuum
The 10 stages — summary description
Characterised by presence and reflex responses.

Early awareness
Characterised by fleeting attention and inconsistent responses.

Characterised by more consistent and differentiated reactions.

Supported participation
Characterised by co-operation and engagement.

Active involvement
Characterised by recognition, anticipation and proactive responses.

Characterised by remembered responses and intentional communication.

Characterised by concentration, recall and observation.

Characterised by established responses and conventional communication.

Characterised by the formation of skills, knowledge, concepts and understandings.

Characterised by the application of skills, knowledge, concepts and understandings.

These forums may be somewhere to ask for help... or gain solace with others in the same situation...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Lights by B and Q

I bought a couple of colour change LED ball lights from B&Q
They were only £1.48 and look like a cheap addition to the sensory room. The website is showing them as out of stock but they may still be in the store.