Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Potato wedges picture recipe

This picture recipe for potato wedges can be downloaded from My Box net.

Friday, 20 May 2011


Chris Pavia features in the Mencap's 20 inspirational people with a learning disability.
Chris is a professional dancer with the Stop Gap Dance company.

Stop Gap are an intergrated dance company and include dancers with physical and learning disabilities.
They recently toured a show Trespass. The company also do a lot of educational work. They are based in the south of England .
wheelchair symbol:ARASAAC

Wheel chair dance

Wheel chair dancing recently feature on BBC Three with the series

Dancing on Wheels. This BBC page has information and links about wheelchair dancing.

Wheel Chair dancing a 5 minute film on

Teachersmedia shows the pupils at Lancasterian School training for the national Wheelchair Dance Association Festival.

Teachers TV view the archive

All the 3,500 Teachers TV videos are now available at Teachersmedia. The videos are only available to view in the UK

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Viewpoint Hotlist 2011

Hotlist group shotGroup ShootThe Paralympic hopeful: Dan PepperThe Paralympic hopeful: Dan PepperThe local campaigner: Alex BellThe local campaigner: Alex Bell
The dancer and choreographer: Chris PaviaThe community councillor: Sara PickardThe community councillor: Sara PickardThe self-advocacy champion: Andrew LeeThe self-advocacy champion: Andrew LeeThe table tennis player: Adam Thompson
The actor and musician: Jez ColborneThe award-winning film-maker: Matthew HellettThe award-winning film-maker: Matthew HellettThe heavy rockers: Heavy LoadThe heavy rockers: Heavy LoadThe Bamford adviser: Joanne McDonald
The TV star: Tommy JessopThe TV star: Tommy JessopThe champion swimmer: Ben ProctorThe PMLD ambassador: Victoria WillsonThe arts pioneer: Pino FrumientoThe arts pioneer: Pino Frumiento

Via Flickr:
Following news that just 1% of the British public can name someone who has a learning disability, Viewpoint has highlighted 20 of the most inspirational public figures


Do you have a favourite calming video which you use in the classroom /sensory room?

The 2nd largest aquarium on You Tube is my favourite

I also like

Earth one video you need to see on You Tube

Free symbol resources


ARASAAC PICTOGRAMS is a free set of symbols with an English index by Michael Hjort-Pedersen.They are hosted on this Spanish website and can be found in English below the Spanish download option.

Sclera Pictograms
also offer free symbols.

Sclera Pictograms were developed in Belgium(find out more here) and are available in English.

see my other blog entries on symbol resources

I like vegetables!

This You Tube Video from Parry Gripp is a bit of fun.The lyrics are all about liking vegetables and would be suitable for an Entry level group studying Healthy Eating.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Times Goes Nowhere

Times Goes Nowhere by Jo Lane is showcased on BBC Film network
'Carer Janet's time with Tommy, a young man with low functioning autism, is drawing to a close as he transitions into adult services. Janet reminisces over their time together and sees the world through his eyes one more time before realising she needs to let go.' BBC OUCH!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Snap! Mencap Photography competition

Mencap run a photography competition every year . The theme is My World
The closing date is 30th June 2011.

Create! Art for Autism

Beechwood College are running an art competition with three categories covering 2d art, 3d art and digital media.
The competition is for young people age 11-25 with autism.
The closing date is 10th June 2011.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Visiting a farm to see cows and sheep

Here is a worksheet for a farm visit to see cows and sheep.
It can b
e downloaded from My Box net . The worksheet is suitable for students with a learning disability working at entry level.
Thanks to my colleague Gill for this worksheet.

child development

I have prepared a child development bingo covering age 0 - 3 which is available to download from my Box net. This resource is for use with a milestone 7- E1 class

the child development 0-3 bingo comes in Word format and PDF

there is a powerpoint with all the images which can be used as a calling card or used on the whiteboard (print in handout format)

Some of the pictures are taken from
a basic skill(entry 2 -level 1) resource from

Embedded learning Portal

There are some useful pages: Toys that children play with at different ages Crawling to walking

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Another Gardening Resources

The Life Cycle of plants is a good resource to support the growth of seeds and how plants grow.
Thanks for this link from Talking Smartboards Celebrate Spring! which also has other nature resources
Also see my other blog entries on gardening

Teachers TV

The Guardian has a story today about the relaunch of Teachers TV as Schools World