Thursday, 29 October 2009

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a charity which provides free facial reconstructive surgery to more than 130,000 children.

It is working with Blue Peter on an appeal . They are asking for unwanted t-shirts to be turned into hospital gowns.( made and decorated before donation)

This is a project which can help deliver Every Student Matters (we are aware that we will have to make sure the project remains age appropriate-this may mean leaving out Blue Peter's role..)
With care the project can enable students to
  • Use their creative skills to help children in India and around the world
  • Learn about Operation Smile’s work
  • Discover a new culture
The site has lots of teacher resources to support the project.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fruit and vegetables

Here are some Milestone level resources around the topic fruit and vegetables suitable for adults with a learning disability.

Recipes/method to download
fruit salad PDF

Thank you to my colleague Sophie for this resource.

From Sparkle Box
Fruit salad recipe sheets A set of simple visual aids showing how to make a fruit salad in 7 steps.

The Great Grub Club website has a game What am I?

You have to guess the fruit or vegetable from close up pictures. You can zoom out,making guesses as you go.

There is also an Eatwell plate in the Print and colour section

TES has a fruit and vegetable PowerPoint. It was designed by a SEN teacher to help her students identify different fruit and vegetables.

Topic Box has a link to Sort the fruit and Vegetables. An online self checking activity but ideal for the whiteboard. Fruit can be sorted by colour or peel/don't need to peel.

Counting fruit a PDF to download is from The Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County

Fruity words is from the Birmingham Grid for Learning

Also view my other Healthy Eating blog entries

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cameras and Flip Cams.

We have had some fun filming and taking pictures .
We have used a variety of improvised devices to secure cameras to wheel chairs.
But what I would like to do next is to make them switch enabled-something like the ones featured on RJ Cooper
or in Mat's Blog-

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Internet Safety Symbols

Childnet have teamed up with Widgit software to produce some good safety rules when using the Internet.
This resource has been
especially designed for children and young people with a learning disability.
These can which can be downloaded for free in PDF form.
Communication in Print Version

There are also Flash cards with suggestions of how to use them to improve knowledge of E Safety.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Adding with Fireflies...!

A game to improve mouse skills as well as helping with 1 digit addition.

Thankyou to the blog Juegos AtenciĆ³n Temprana for this link.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


I am teaching photography and film at the moment to my students with learning disabilities.
We are exploring animation at the moment and we have made our first short films involving fish in fish bowls. We used Windows MovieMaker and a digital camera. It wasn't perfect.The tripod kept moving (now rectified with a sturdy tripod) and I could have done with viewing the blog entry:

Learn from and Create Animated Music Videos

Nik's Daily English Activities

especially the link to

Tutorial: Create a Stop-Motion Animation Movie using Digital Camera or WebCam

This gives clear directions on the frame speed to set and some tips on mounting the camera.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Assistive Technology Resource.

Global Assistive Technology Encyclopedia is a Wiki from AbilityNet (UK charity)

It has information on many assistive technology related resources .There is also a page that covers Learning Disability with some useful videos.

Source: RSC Newsfeed

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Making a sandwich

Making a sandwich from Symbol World (online)

Recipe for sandwich from Symbol World (online) but will also print out

Help Kidz Learn has a sandwich making activity (online)

From Sparkle Box :
Making a sandwich picture cards.
PDF picture cards -Ingredients but no cards for method . 4 pictures per A4 sheet. 6 sheets.

Sandwich evaluations/designs from Primary resources ( for E1/2 students requires writing and reading skills )
Scrumptious sandwiches

Sandwich evaluation

Sandwich design

From My Box Net -These are my worksheets:

Making a sandwich schedule(written schedule)

My sandwich review

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Catch Autistic Me on the iPlayer

You can watch The Autistic Me on the BBC iPlayer until the 13th October 2009. This documentary follows three people with autism at pivotal moments on the rocky road to being accepted as an adult. They are all fighting for independence and responsibility, but being frustrated by the shackles imposed on them by their disability, their families and the preconceived ideas of mainstream society. Source : BBC iPlayer

Health, safety and well-being

The Excellence Gateway has some good resources.
There is a story board series which looks at health safety and well being in the workplace.

Stacking Safety explores lifting heavy boxes. This activity is an online activity but by clicking on the resource tab it can be downloaded as PowerPoint.

Stockroom stress looks at feeling under stress at work.

For some resources you may need

to log in

to your Excellence Gateway account (or register )

If you can't follow the links above This is the route:

QIA Excellence Gateway
Programmes and services
Teaching and Learning Programme home
Health, safety and well-being home
Exploring Health, safety and well-being
Health, safety and well-being storyboards
Stacking safety

Sunday, 4 October 2009

More Clean Hands

The handwashing session went well, See my blog entry Clean hands

There is still some individual work to do....

We also used the following resources:

When to wash hands ( you can download this from My Box net ) thank you to Teresa for making this resource available to everyone. It consists of 9 pictures and a heading page each on an A4 sheet which can be used for making group posters.

Hand washing Cut and Stick ( cartoon style)

based on the
6 steps to hand washing on the Scrub club website

There is also a resources from British Nutrition Foundation

Ideas for Digital Cameras

I like this presentation. It has some very good ideas for ways to use images from a digital camera in the classroom.
Source : Ideas to Inspire