Saturday, 25 February 2012

World War 2

For this half term some of my students have chosen History Club for their enrichment activity. Later in the term they will go to the local museum for a workshop on home life in 2nd world war. I've been looking for suitable resources and I've listed some below:

Woodland Junior school Introduction to 2nd World War

A Boardmaker share activity

A simplified view of the Axis and Allied powers in World War 2

Sounds of war from BBC school radio including war time songs
The story of Anne Frank from Priory Wood school


Two 3 minute films originally from teachers TV now on School's World

Food Rationing

Living with Rationing

Primary Resources WW2 resources section has a basic PDF Ration book

or you can buy a replica book from Amazon for £1.99

An online activity Rationing: shop for a meal in 1943 from BBC Primary History on the Daily Life page
Woodland Junior School Introduction to rationing

Sunday, 12 February 2012


The Jewish festival of Purim is celebrated every year in late winter/early spring and this year it is
March 7-8th 2012

Talk Sense has prepared a set of symbols suitable for students with a learning disability for Purim which you can request by email from their website.

Valentine's day

This months E Live from Symbol world has an article on Valentine's Day suitable for students with a learning disability.

See my other blog entries on Valentine's Day for further symbols from

Makaton and Talk sense

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Using Mobile phones safely

A scenario based resource that allows students to discuss safe and appropriate use of mobile phones .

There are fifteen scenarios that can be worked through as a class or individually. When all of the selections have been made, a printable form will give the students feedback on their suggestions.
from NGFL Wales .Also has accompanying teacher material explaining the resource materials.

Mobile phone dilemmas worksheet part of a series on E safety from Teach ICT

Three short films about mobile phone safety and other tips about mobile phone from Kidsmart. Includes information about the IMEI Number (International Mobile Equipment Identity.)The number which can be used to block your phone if it is lost or stolen.