Saturday, 21 February 2015

E Reading

The brilliant Six book challenge has come round again!

Some of my students are reluctant readers  but are willing to have a go at reading on their Ipad or Android devices.

My challenge has been to find suitable ebooks.

My college doesn't have an E book service but most UK libraries now do offer free ebooks.

You will always need your library card and a pin ,so you will have to start with a visit to the library.
Some libraries use the over drive app

these include

East Sussex

Devon  and many more

West Sussex library 
West Sussex has its own FREE service for ebooks

You will need a library card and a pin available from the library

Choose your book and download onto Ipad,computer or android.
For the Ipad follow instructions to download a  Blue Fire reader or similar

West Sussex also has FREE emagazines

Access via West Sussex library website 

follow instructions to download a  Zinio app  

West Sussex library also has a Free audio books through oneclick digital

There are lots of other places to find ebooks.The tricky bit is finding titles suitable for young adult beginner or intermediate  readers

I have pinned some possible title on a Pinterest board

Follow Judy's board Reading on the Ipad on Pinterest.

Other places for Ebooks (to purchase)

Macmillan books have an ebooks store with some suitable Starter ebook

SEN press

Lots of SEN Press books are available as Apps for IPad  with one free book to download : Keeping Money Safe
There is also a free PDF version of  the book Matt gets Wise

Ransom Publishing

Dark Man series E books

Me books 
There are many reading apps which can be used to download books. I like the interactive features of Me apps books.
You can download a free Popeye comic  (not for beginner readers) when you sign up to an account (Feb 2015).
I haven't found any titles to recommend yet...

Tar heel reader is also  a good place to find free very short reading books.These can be downloaded.
A list of graded readers can be found at Dynamic learning (although not all age appropriate)