Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Looking Back

Yet again the holidays are over...Before I started my summer break I was looking back at lessons I had taught and began to write a summary of the year. One of my most enjoyable days was working at a Leonard Cheshire Disability home. I taught Personal Development in the morning and Photography Film and Animation in the afternoon. I have written quite a few blog entries around Personal development and Photography and this blog is a summing up of my enjoyable Monday mornings. No doubt I will have new challenges this year(possibly including a first time at pottery...)

My Personal Development course included:

Exercise to music

At the start of each session I used some brain gym activities set to music. (a bit simpler than these)

Ice breaking Games.

A good source is Talkabout activities

Disability Rights

  • Watch and discuss the Leonard Cheshire Change the Way you See Disability campaign @ www.creaturediscomforts.org/ .
  • Write our own charter of rights

Current Affairs

Recalling the main news of the week and discussing important points. We used music and passed an object around the group. When the music stopped the person holding the object had to talk about a story from the news(often with a bit of help!)

See my blog entries on current affairs


Politics and the General election

  • Identifying the three main parties and their leaders
  • What is local government and our right to have a say
  • The structure of National Government
  • The role of the Royal family
  • The importance of voting and how to vote
  • A visit from our MP Peter Bottomley

I will now of course have to re write my work sheet:Who is the Prime Minister?
See my blog entries for Politics