Monday, 25 August 2008

Wordle and REM

The holidays are truly over . I've had 4 weeks off this summer . In my college we have to book our holiday and spread the 37 days wisely through the year...So now its back to work on Tuesday and time to get on with some serious preparation for the start of the new academic year. I'll start with a resolution that I will have a life outside college and to show I mean business the whole family are off to see REM on Wednesday. I have the possible set list with orders from the children to have a good listen first! In preparation for this I've created a Wordle video using Movie maker. Have a watch !

I shall be using Wordle as one of my induction activities - everyone will add their name and we will display it on the whiteboard see an example below:

Have a good year, pace yourself, enjoy the company of your colleagues and most of all have fun with the students.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

More from the makers of Shape up

If you liked Shape Up (mentioned in my blog on healthy eating) you might like to look at some other DVDs that Somerset Work Preparation Services has on offer:
Germ Academy,a film about Food Safety is 23 minutes long and can be previewed on
You Tube (not the full version ).

They also have a DVD called Listen to Us which consists of 4 short films
We all need friends
We all need a break
Listen to us
I want to complain .
The ones with a live link can be viewed on You Tube .
All the DVDs are £10.00 plus vat and p&p from Debbie Lee .Email: