Saturday 3 March 2012

Health and Safety in the Garden

Here are some resources for teaching health and safety in the garden to students with a learning disability.

A garden safety picture from the Scouts NO LONGER AVAILABLE jan 2020Health and safety signs in outdoor occupations Entry 3
( starts at page 43) PDF

Dangers in the garden online activity from Staywise

Garden safety picture and other resources from Home Safety Game

Electrical safety in the garden on Switched on Kids

Bsquared have a range of garden based resources including health and safety which can be purchased on CD


Here are a collection of links for teaching gardening,learning about plants and delivering basic skills through gardening for students with a learning disability

Good resources on plants and growth from communication 4 all including posters,worksheets,PowerPoint and word searches

A PowerPoint on Flowers find it in the Science: Life processes and living things section of the Whiteboard room

How a plant grows from Greenwing

NGFL Wales

Plants need light and water to grow

Label the parts of a plant. interactive activity and work sheets to print out

Discover what helps a plant grow

Put the plant where it will grow best.

Flowers to colour online

Gardening is fun a book to read on Tar Heel Reader

Wheelchair gardening a book to read from Tarheel reader.

TES I board
'listen-and-read' explanation books. Learn about the life cycle of a sunflower

Growing a bean sequencer from TES iboard

Review the instructions and drag them into the timeline

Growing a bean from TES i board
listen and watch the instructions for growing a bean then write your own instruction

Dottie's garden A story to read from Primary Games

Entry 3 resource for Teaching Basic skills through outdoor occupations :

Literacy language and Numeracy

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