Monday, 26 May 2008

How to include a deaf student in an IT music session.

I like to show my students with learning difficulties (Milestone 8 - Entry 1) how to access music on the computer . They can take these skills and use them at home .This year I had to think about how I could do this as I had a deaf student in the group.

The class started by listening to a CD using the Windows Media Player.

They loaded the CD

Identified the Windows Media icon

Learnt how to plug in the headphones

Used the volume control

My deaf student joined in (the communicator had the headphones!) and used an enhanced audio CD.I chose

Nizlopi : The JCB Song Video animation.

While the others continued to listen to their CD she then viewed

which I had saved on my memory stick.This is a signed performance by David Armand at an Amnesty International event. Its good fun and includes BSL and a few made up signs, not suitable for all students as some of them are a little crude. Judge for yourself by viewing it on You Tube or through

If you like it you can buy the Amnesty International DVD - Secret Policeman's Ball Amnesty 2006 .I've seen it for sale new and used on on Amazon .

My students then went on to explore music on the Internet and we looked at You Tube but you might have your own favourites.My deaf student watched videos performed by Bengee143:

Viewing music on the Internet has many pitfalls, so make sure you try out all your ideas in the classroom first and have some standby music from another source. Two problems to look out for are:
1.Buffering - the video freezes and will only play intermittently.
2. You Tube can appear in skeleton form only,the second time you use it. Apparently it does this to encourage you to sign up.

Good luck and don't forget to check if your computers have sound cards!

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