Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Life Skills from the BBC

Thanks to the SLD forum I have come across a great collection of video clips made for students with a learning disability.

They can be found on the
BBC Learning Zone

The clips cover issues such as personal hygiene, personal safety, relationships and learning about personal belongings.


Sean Sweeney said...

Thank you for highlighting these!! I can see a lot of use for them.

Wendy Withington said...

Brilliant! Just what I need for my KS3 students with ASD and SLD.

Wendy W

Wendy Withington said...

Brilliant, ideal for my KS3 class of ASD and SLD pupils. Many thanks

Wendy W

Vienna said...

thanks for the comment- just try it out first in class without the students because I have had experience of the videos only working in certain classrooms!

heather corbett-smith said...

Just returning to teaching SLDD students after many years....thank you for compiling such a brilliant resource bank...can't wait to deliver them!