Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Cooking Fairy Cakes

On Friday I was cooking with my students with learning disabilities E1/M7. It was birthday time again and so we made fairy cakes (again!)
This time I used the
fairy cake recipe and instructions from xxxxx. It is 13 A4 pages long and so it could be considered a little wasteful as I printed out one set of instructions for each student.I could probably have got away with half as the students worked with a partner. The instructions were very clear with simple pictures.It worked very well because I have students who can read in the group and they followed the instructions with minimum support.The non readers were able to use the pictures to gather equipment, ingredients and follow the method from the pictures with some support.At the start of the lesson we went through the instructions carefully reading through, identifying the equipment and ingredients. This helped and I was very pleased with how well the session worked. I weighed out the ingredients before the lesson started.
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From sa'xic on flickr

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Anonymous said...

I also teach special needs students how to cook. I use the book Cooking For Life it can be found at the website Keep up the good work it is so important that special needs students learn to cook so they can become more independent.