Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Gay and Lesbian students with a learning disability

I was reading an item from Community newswire on the same-sex hand-holding day on Boxing Day from A day in hand . It reminded me of the difficulties faced by young Gay and Lesbian students with a learning disability.
From time to time as a teacher I have to try to deal with issues such as same sex holding hands or saying you fancy another bloke out loud.What is the right way to deal with this?
Another issue I've experienced and is reported in the Partners in Advocacy report Out and About is the attitude of other people: 'Some people including other people with learning disabilities say bad things about people who have same sex relationships People can say and do hurtful things.'
The same report ask advocates : What about your own attitude? and recommends further training. I know I would welcome it . Here are some other links:
Hidden love forum from the Foundation for People with Learning disabilities

Picture bank (to buy £1.50)_
to support gay / lesbian / bisexual / trans from CHANGE -( People with learning disabilities working for equal rights)

General Resources on Sexuality and Learning Disability

FPA resources
in the publications section including All about Us a resource designed for people with a learning disability to assist personal development and knowledge around sex, sexuality and relationships. Life Support Productions : You, Your Body & Sex - the DVD

Learning with Common Knowledge - an online guide for people with a learning disability to learn about sex and relationships.(16+)

Batteries not includes (£10) from Common Knowledge

From the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Severe Learning Difficulties: Knowing and Growing
aimed at young people at school.

A Gem of a Service - An article on sexual health services in London from Learning Disability Today

Links suggested here and here from SLD forum

Special Schools : Sex and Relationships from Teachers TV

Also check out the
MENCAP site and search for resources using the key word Sexuality

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