Saturday, 9 January 2010

Being Safe when you are out.

Here are some resources for teaching Personal Safety at Entry level.

Transport for London Out and about in London: My guide (PDF 3.98MB) is a guide for adults with a learning disability to help them when traveling independently around London.
It has information on road safety, using various modes of transport such as cab,tube ,bus and train,information on dealing with bullies and looking after belongings. It is still very useful even if you do not live in London.
The TFL web site also has a user guide(not currently available)
and a good auditory version of The Guide (with sound effects)
(not currently available)
Keep Safe : A guide to Personal Safety
Is a guide from the Home office. Good pictures ,simple language but lots of writing so the student will need help to access this document. It could be useful for creating your own resources.

Keeping Safe (not currently available)from Newham Easy Read Portal offers a series of short on line guides with sound . Suitable for adults with a learning disability to access independently

(not currently available)- where do all these useful resources go?

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