Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Making a film

We have started a new stop motion animation film . Our first job was to develop a story line. This needed some skill development so I started the process by using individual cartoon pictures from Comix Strips

There is an
online Comic strip maker but I printed off individual pictures from the printables section (staff scribed for the students) -They just had to come up with the ideas.

Our next step was to create our own comic strip.This would help the students understand the importance of a story.
Under the 'direction' of a Learning Assistant the students created a story in 5 simple photographs e.g
students want to play some music, they all have different ideas- when the music comes on its too loud- It gets turned down and everyone is happy.... We then made a PowerPoint- (we collaborated by viewing the Power Point on a large screen) and added dialogue. We were all very pleased with the result. This week we started on creating a story board for our film.

I followed the hints given on Making Stop Motion Movies. The Story board section suggested a structure which begins with the elements of the story followed by character development and finally creating the story board.
To finish we watched a 10 minute film suggested by Making Stop Motion Movies
Frog and Toad Behind the scenes
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Anonymous said...

Hey this is a brilliant idea. You may want to consider the program Comic Life too. This is a nice rogram which, as the name suggests, lets you create your own commic strips. I have used this program with adults as a way to facilitate story telling techniques. Rosemountjohn

Vienna said...

_thanks for the tip.I've just looked at Comiclife.com and it looks interesting. There are also some useful resources e.g sourcing images