Monday, 19 April 2010

How shall I vote?

The first thing of course is to register to vote by Tuesday 20th April. This is also the date to arrange a postal vote(if you have already registered), Tuesday 27th is the cut off date for Proxy votes.
About my Vote for further details.

To find out about the prospective parliamentary candidates the following websites give useful background information:

For understanding of the issues and how to vote Promote the Vote is a site designed for adults with a learning disability.

Maggie Harnew on her Skillsworkshop blog has also highlighted

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Maggie said...

It's amazing, isn't it, just how many good 'voting' resources are out there once you start looking!
On the same "About my Vote" site that you mention I've just discovered a wonderful snakes and ladders politics game. As well as a downloadable PDF version, the Electoral Commission also apparently hire out (for free) a 3metre x 3 metre version of the game. It sounds really good fun!

Vienna said...

Yes, I think there has been a big effort to try and reach some of the marginalised groups and get them interested in voting.
The snakes and ladders sounds good.