Saturday, 15 December 2012

Entry Level Maths resources from BBC Skillswise

 BBC Skillswise are adding Entry level resources to their website. 
They have also given the site a revamp and are trying to get away from traditional worksheets ( haven't spotted any new interactive  games yet)


Addition board game Maths | Calculation | Addition
 A snakes and ladder game to print out with different level addition questions 

Ordering numbers Maths | Numbers | Number symbols


What time does the programme start? Maths | Measuring | Time and date

Calculating journey times Maths | Calculation | Addition

What's the date? Maths | Measuring | Time and date 


Debating probability Maths | Percent and fractions | Probability  


Double dominoes Maths | Calculation | Multiplication  

Matching multiplication Maths | Calculation | Multiplication 


Planning a kitchen Maths | Shapes | Maps and plans

Finding the family jewels Maths | Shapes | Maps and plans  

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