Sunday, 27 September 2009

Clean Hands

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Our group has started cooking and we have some hygiene issues that need to be sorted out fairly quickly... ! So I will be looking at clean hands this week and using some of these resources:
Any other suggestions suitable for young adults with a learning disability are very welcome.

A blog entry from Teaching Learners with multiple needs:
Germs and Flu Prevention includes a good explanation of a washing hands activity-Green Glitter Germs Lesson Plan

A hygiene bingo - and other resources Boardmaker 5 owners only !

A social story about teaching the importance of clean hands from polixo (Teaching Children with Autism)

The hand washing challenge is an site for children from the US. This may/may not be suitable as it is definitely aimed at children -otherwise it would be great

An Australian hand washing video, again aimed at children but I would use this with my adult students.

A handango activity PDF to download from the scrub club

An interactive online game about how flu spreads and the role of clean hands

To print out :A hand washing word search and a hand washing word scrabble from (entry level)

Also see my blog entry Food Hygiene

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