Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fruit and vegetables

Here are some Milestone level resources around the topic fruit and vegetables suitable for adults with a learning disability.

Recipes/method to download
fruit salad PDF

Thank you to my colleague Sophie for this resource.

From Sparkle Box
Fruit salad recipe sheets A set of simple visual aids showing how to make a fruit salad in 7 steps.

The Great Grub Club website has a game What am I?

You have to guess the fruit or vegetable from close up pictures. You can zoom out,making guesses as you go.

There is also an Eatwell plate in the Print and colour section

TES has a fruit and vegetable PowerPoint. It was designed by a SEN teacher to help her students identify different fruit and vegetables.

Topic Box has a link to Sort the fruit and Vegetables. An online self checking activity but ideal for the whiteboard. Fruit can be sorted by colour or peel/don't need to peel.

Counting fruit a PDF to download is from The Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County

Fruity words is from the Birmingham Grid for Learning

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