Monday, 9 June 2008

Using your photos.

In my work with students with learning difficulties I take a lot of photos. Students have enjoyed seeing themselves on the interactive whiteboard . Its been good for developing language and talking about activities and skills learnt.
At the beginning of the year I used PowerPoint .
I then used Windows Movie maker to make videos. I taught myself quite quickly by watching a tutorial on You Tube .

I have recently finished my first full length video using Animoto . I recommend this as you can produce a different, high quality video in a relatively short time. Animoto are offering free full access passes if you work in education. Just email them. They are very quick to respond.The blog Free resources from the net gives you a good summary . My experience is

Work on it at home .Most college networks can't cope with the uploading.When its finished dowload it and use it at college (it uses Quick time)
You will need 40/50 photos to make a 3 minute video.
The photos have to be at the image size 1024 x 768 pixels (it takes a while to change the image size of each photo) You have to choose a piece of appropriate music .

I chose Bill Withers Lovely Day . You'll need the music in MP3 form .
You can use Zamzar ,an online
file converter (for free) to convert a format if you need to.

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