Sunday, 15 June 2008

Are you going to wear your glasses?

At a review meeting I mentioned that the student wasn't wearing his glasses . His key worker wasn't sure how much difference they made,and so we left it... I have now found some really useful information about eye care which I can take to the next meeting.
The site is called Look Up and gives advice about eye care for adults with learning difficulties.
It has some good common sense advice and very useful information about working with students with visual impairments in the classroom The page on adapting environments to help adults with visual impairment is also useful.
There is also information on the different eye conditions and a section called Talking About Me with pictures and sound aimed at adults with learning difficulties.
One of the most interesting things I found out was that students with a visual impairment should come to college with an eye care plan here is an example:

I've got a lot of interviews coming up for September,so the eye care plan is something I shall be looking out for.

There is so much information on this website,using the site map is a good way to find your way around.

Another source for information about working with students with visual impairment can be found in Access for All .

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