Sunday, 12 October 2008

Healthy Eating 5 a Day

I was shopping in the Co-op this weekend and picked up a

very good leaflet (well I picked up 10 actually!)
on eating 5 fruit and vegetables a day .

It opens into an A3 wall chart. .

I shall use it with my Entry 2 Retail students ...
Last week one of my young students ate 4 packets of crisps for her lunch and bought 5 chocolate bars for the afternoon.Another student made do with three huge chunks of Mars Bar chocolate crisp cake! It is shocking and worrying to see how little nutrition they are getting!
For some links to resources for teaching healthy eating to students with learning difficulties you can read my blog entry Healthy eating 1
Skillsworkshop web site also has a list you might want to explore in the
Realia - recommended sources of 'real' texts for whole text work

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