Sunday, 11 January 2009

Can't tell the time

My pre entry students can't tell the time and will be unlikely to learn .They can however learn strategies to help them manage time.To tell the time numeracy skills will be at Entry 2 and many of my students with learning difficulties are not at that level.
I have written about the level of skills and the curriculum references in my
previous blog entry about time (last paragraph).
The Pre entry curriculum says at Milestone 7
MSS1/M7.1: and MSS1/M7.2 students will be working on an awareness of time and recognising the names of the days of the week
So when I work on time with pre entry students I am developing:

An awareness of time
Awareness of time allows greater independence and choices. It includes the development of the ability to plan for important events and share news about events in the past and future.

Simple time management
The ability to learn routines and arrive on time .

Simple strategies for time management
This will include

Sign and say the days of the week.
Think about the past.Understanding of yesterday today and tomorrow.
The marking of significant events e.g birthdays,holiday and Christmas,bonfire night.
Awareness of the passing of time
Awareness of the length of time
The setting of targets about time management.

I'd be interested to hear from you if you think differently about teaching time telling and the strategies you have used.


Jan said...

I have taught many of my pre entry milestone 6/7 learners to "read" a clock which has helped their confidence and self esteem but hasnt always given the the awareness if a certain time is in the morning or afternoon. I can mail you the powerpoint if you are interested which teaches the skill with a colour coded clock face.

Vienna said...

Yes Jan thank you I would be interested.

Kt said...

Hi Jan - do you still have the clock powerpoint you are talking about. Woudl be great if I could have a copy, thanks.

kkenah at

Kt said...

Hi Jan - a copy of your powerpoint would be great please.

kkenah at

Vienna said...

Sorry but Jan didn't get back to me with the powerpoint so I didn't get to see it