Wednesday, 6 May 2009


The final batch of Glastonbury tickets is now on sale . Its a term time event so I've never managed to go but I enjoy watching it on TV and hearing the stories from my kids when they return.
BBC Ouch blog is also thinking about summer festivals.
There is a reminder that Heavy Load are playing at Glastonbury and that the festival will feature a stage in the Shangri La field for disable
d performers.
Also at Glastonbury will be students from the Organic cafe at City and Islington College who work with Greenpeace at the festival every year.


shirley roach said...

we will be there again this year looking forward to it come and introduce yourself

Colin Jones said...

Glad you found this and publicized it. The students have been going for the last five years, but despite efforts no media seem to be interested in looking at what these guys can achieve with the right support. A story in the mainstream press about this and other similar ventures run by and for students with learning disabilities is long overdue.

Vienna said...

It sounds a fantastic project. I think I'll send a link to the Ouch! blog.
I've mended the link to the Candi website.