Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sensory in a box and out in the garden

I'm starting small and thinking ahead to the winter days when sensory experiences must be found in the classroom: a box of smells available from Dale Air. You can read about how one teacher used these in SMD Teacher Blog.

A similar type of product that sometimes turns up at charity shops and car boot is Les Lotto des odeurs
Its a smelling game you can find it new at WINSLOW and is called Follow your Nose (thanks to Becca for this information)

Thinking big and looking out into the glorious sunshine:A sensory garden.
Resike has a wonderful animated breakdown of their Sensory garden which they sell.The animated plan has photos and plant names with sections for touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. I have also written about sensory gardens in my blog entry Gardening


tony said...

Hello, Resike here. You may notice that the link to the Sensory Wheel above takes you to a blank page on our website. You can find more information about the wheel here:

To see the animated wheel as discussed above, you can also find that here:

Vienna said...

Thanks Tony I have corrected the link

Beccie said...

The scent game you featured from France can be purchased in the uk from Winslow.
It's called 'follow your nose'

Vienna said...

thanks that is useful to know