Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A voice heard

Now is a good time to raise student's awareness about the British election which must happen by early June. The most important thing at this stage is that any one who wants to vote and has not done so already registers to vote.Once the election is called anyone who has not already registered only has a week to do so.

You can find out about registering to vote at
About my vote.

You could also order some easy read material to help students understand about voting such as
Easy-Read Guide to Voting Booklet
from the
Electoral commission Resource section ( I have tried ordering this twice with no luck!)

The student friendly Promote the Vote site is a useful resource.
It has a section
Who to vote for .
It also has Easy Read material :
Every Vote Counts (currently out of stock! but you can order and wait...)
Many organisations are working to ensure people with a disability have a say in this election. Mencap Get my Vote

'Almost one million people with a learning disability are eligible to vote in the UK - but just one in five chose to do so in the last general election.

Our political system has shown itself to be unable - and unwilling - to involve everyone in democracy, and as a result people with a learning disability are missing out on a key opportunity to get their voices heard' Mencap website

Leonard Cheshire Disability have a campaign My Vote My Say

Sense, the charity for Deaf Blind are running a campaign to make Parliamentary candidates aware of disability issues

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