Friday, 31 December 2010

Music Top Ten !

Ten tunes from the blog!

Not all are my personal taste- I do like the first four!

Dave Brubeck Take 5
Used with my Leonard Cheshire group for our Plasticine animation

REM The Lifting
Made when learning about Wordle and around the time I was going to an REM concert

Praetorius Dances from Terpsichore Philip Pickett
A calming Christmas tune appreciated by one of my rap loving students

Kate Nash You say the nicest things
Discovered through Niks Daily English activity while learning about stop motion animation

Lady Smith Black Mambazo
As loved by another student an used for a literacy lesson -View on You Tube

Katy Perry Hot N Cold
Also used in literacy. We watched the video, 'read' the lyrics and joined in the chorus which is repeated lots of times ! We also talked about the story.

Susan Boyle A work sheet from Skills workshop watch on You Tube

The biggest aquarium
on You Tube
Something calming for the whiteboard

I'm Every Woman (cover of Chaka Khan classic) Too late now to download for free but visit Action Aid anyway

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