Friday, 14 January 2011

Community Action

Community Action Entry 1 Edexcel 'learners consider the different roles played by councils, local organisations and community projects and groups. They see the range of issues tackled by volunteers and look in more detail at one community activity. '

People who need help PowerPoint available to download from Box net
This PowerPoint was used to help the students understand that there are many different people in society who may need help and there are many groups and organisations that can help,e.g. People with a learning disability, mothers,old people,pet owners,victims of burglaries.

I used the PowerPoint in week 1 to introduced the theme . We then used the images on slide 1 to make a mind map identifying people who need help.The second week the students watched the PowerPoint again and were more confident with the theme and could answer questions about people who need help.
We then looked at identifying who can help for example:

Victims of burglaries can be helped by Victims Support -we viewed a short PowerPoint(available from Box net)

and Pet owners can be helped by PDSA (another PowerPoint) (available from Box net)

We then returned to our mind map. Using a work sheet with Charity logos
the students matched charities to different group. (available from Box net)

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