Saturday, 3 January 2009

Recognising Coins UK

Here are some resources for teaching coin recognition to students with learning difficulties:

From Readwrite plus web site.Use Page 2 Unit 2 Which is which? An Entry 1 printable resource concentrates on the weight and feel of UK coins.

An interactive money activity about coin size smaller /larger/thicker can be found at the Barking College site . It has no sound and requires reading, so the student will need support to play.

Heads and Tails page 3 from the Entry 1 printable resource from Readwrite Plus also helps the learner to identify the coins by looking at Heads and Tails.

There is also an interactive heads and tails matching activity on the Barking College site

Colour and shape of coins interactive snap game at the BBC website

You can also find my money bingo game to download .(previous blog entry)

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