Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sound beam 5

I am slowly learning how to use our Sound beam 5. Our college received money from Action for Inclusion which has allowed us to buy this excellent piece of equipment. I am using Soundbeam 5 in enrichment as part of a performing arts class with Entry1/2 students with a learning disability age16- 25. Last week we enjoyed a space story which you can download to use/adapt from my Box net.

The story used the Soundset: SPACE which can be found already installed on the soundbeam 5 .
We have 2 beams and 3 switches. To ensure everyone had a part 1 beam was controlled by 3 people,the other beam by 2 people and we also used a piano keyboard as an extra part.
Spots for the floor really help for this ,so everyone knows where to stand.We started by individually trying all the sounds and talking about their part in the story before performing the story.

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