Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Viewpoint Hotlist 2011

Hotlist group shotGroup ShootThe Paralympic hopeful: Dan PepperThe Paralympic hopeful: Dan PepperThe local campaigner: Alex BellThe local campaigner: Alex Bell
The dancer and choreographer: Chris PaviaThe community councillor: Sara PickardThe community councillor: Sara PickardThe self-advocacy champion: Andrew LeeThe self-advocacy champion: Andrew LeeThe table tennis player: Adam Thompson
The actor and musician: Jez ColborneThe award-winning film-maker: Matthew HellettThe award-winning film-maker: Matthew HellettThe heavy rockers: Heavy LoadThe heavy rockers: Heavy LoadThe Bamford adviser: Joanne McDonald
The TV star: Tommy JessopThe TV star: Tommy JessopThe champion swimmer: Ben ProctorThe PMLD ambassador: Victoria WillsonThe arts pioneer: Pino FrumientoThe arts pioneer: Pino Frumiento

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Following news that just 1% of the British public can name someone who has a learning disability, Viewpoint has highlighted 20 of the most inspirational public figures

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