Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Health and Safety

I will be teaching Health and Safety to my students with learning difficulties again this year. I teach Edexcel Health and Safety at Entry 1 and 2. I shall also be using some of these resources with my Milestone 8 students learning Life skills. Here are some resources available on the web to help you .
Edexcel specifications and Core assignments for
Health and safety are available at

Create a health and safety wordle at

There is an introduction to health and safety signs at Milestone 8 on the learning portal site . It is a short interactive activity that has sound and is self correcting.

Young workers website -from ROSPA has information on signs and then a quiz on the meaning of signs (E2/E3)
the section :

Advice for Young People : Workplaces & Case Studies has some excellent accident stories to use .

There is a literacy and numeracy resource on the topic of health and safety on Skillsworkshop
It covers covers :
rt/e1.1 follow a short narrative
rt/e2.1 trace understand chronological and instructional text
manual handling reading bar charts -
e1/e2 understanding of directional language text
comprehension and using pictures to help meaning - different level texts E1- E3

Dangers in the kitchen
Sensory world has an interactive activity where students have to find the dangers in the kitchen. It has 3 levels and prints out a certificate.

Safety First
This is a good video about safety in the home,at work and out in the community. It helps the student to think about the dangers around them. A demo is available on the website.It is available to buy from Speak up.

Filter has a gallery of kitchen related photos showing hazards.

There is a home safety game.on the Home Safety website .It is interactive but would need teacher input .It took me a while to work out what to do as I didn't read the instructions! It uses the 4 directional keys and the space bar.

There is a dangers in the kitchen (page 5 of PDF) which has a picture to circle the dangers.

I have also put four powerpoints in my .Box net is on the side bar .You can download these .
If it doesn't appear straight away try refreshing the page.
Glasgow Blast and Children at work help to explain why we have have health and safety law. Safety at Work is about personal responsibility at work .
I have adapted Safety signs Quiz from a powerpoint by D O'Connor, Safety at Work is from Effective Training and Development and Children at Work has been adapted by me from a source I can no longer find on the internet! If you can help me acknowledge the source please let me know.

If you know of any good resources please leave a comment as I always find it difficult to locate good relevant resources for health and safety.


Vienna said...
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Vienna said...

If you are having trouble making Wordle work,check that Java script is enabled

Melissa Hulbert said...

I am developing an accessible food hygiene course for adults with learning disabilities. There are currently many opportunities for the students I work with to gain employment in catering. I would appreciate any ideas you have on how I can deliver this. Also any online resources would be useful.

Vienna said...

I have looked at my bookmarks on Delicous and I think I've already mentioned all of them before:
Fridge game

from Filter website- hygeine pictures:

Sensory world hygeine in the kitchen


Unknown clicker 5 resource:

I'm sure there are lots more but I haven't taught it.
I have seen it taught very succesfully at Foxes Hotel and Bridgwater college using lots of picture and other colourful visual resoucrces all created by the lecturer.

Richard Boyd said...

Thanks for taking the time to createthis blog. I will put a link to it on the Special Schools section of the website.


Vienna said...

thanks Richard
I haven't come across safety scene before. It looks like it has some useful resources.

Anonymous said...

This is a great collection of websites. Thanks and will advise of any other useful ones I find.