Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cleaner Hands

Here are some resources for teaching hand washing to students with a learning disability.

From the BBC learning Zone, for young people with a severe learning difficulty (Milestone 8) Dirty Hands- a short animated film show a young man eating crisps with dirty hands.

Also from the BBC learning Zone (an Entry 3 resource)

A film :

Hand washing posters from Teachers Underground (Entry level)

Primary section of the Carex site has some good resources on hand washing You will need to register before viewing the resources.

Germs don't like soap animated film (shows vomiting!)

Three hand washing videos,although none are exactly what I wanted
hand washing on You tube

hand washing on Video jug

hand washing challenge

For further links and resources view my blog entries Clean Hands and More Clean hands

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givesoapachance said...

Thanks for providing useful resources Vienna regarding hand hygiene. Washing your hands is an important yet simple part of everyday hygiene which more people need to be reminded of.

If you'd like to know more about hand washing and hand hygiene in general be sure to visit the NHS site -

There's also lots of resources including leaflets, posters and videos here -

Keep up the good work raising awareness!