Sunday, 22 February 2009

Using mobile phones and QR codes

I recently had and email asking if I was interested in using QR codes to develop independent travel with our students with learning difficulties.It wasn't until I was watching CSI NY this weekend that I began to understand!
This Saturday's episode of CSI NY Dead Inside Episode 7 featured QR codes. Watch the video below for a very quick explanation:

I can see that they would enable access to the Internet quickly and without writing.
There is a You Tube video about how to set your phone to read QR codes
One downside is that using the Internet with your mobile phone is expensive.
The Rix centre -a learning disability innovation centre at the University of East London is looking at the use of QR codes to widen accessibility for people with a learning disability.There is a video featured on the Big Tree Talk blog about accessing the web using picture cards as QR codes.

A web camera is linked to software which turns everything in to black and white images.
This enables the QR codes which are on the back of picture cards
to link directly to a website.
I would like to see QR codes replace the over long, complicated user name and passwords which currently stop many of our students using college networks independently.


lilian said...

You're keeping a great blog here. Thought I'd also highlight another useful resource for those interested:
This has lots of videos of teachers and learners talking about the kit that supports their learning.
regards lilian soon

Vienna said...

Thanks for the comments Lillian . I agree
is well worth a visit