Monday, 22 December 2008

Food Hygiene

Here are some links to food hygiene resources suitable for adults with learning difficulties.updated 30/10/15
Sensory world has an interactive hygiene in the kitchen activity ideal for the whiteboard.

NGFL has
A board game to print out and assemble -this can be found at The Fridge Game

The Germ Academy a video about food safety.Details are in my
blog entry More from the makers of Shape Up .Hygiene in the Kitchen


Anonymous said...

some of the links seem to be expired or not working. The resources look great but most of the PDF's do not work.

Vienna said...

thanks for pointing out all those dead links I've been through and taken out all those I can't find

Anonymous said...

some great resources - thank you. Can I ask where you get your images from? I teach pre-entry level cookery and would like to add graphics to the many favourite recipes which I use, but find this task extremely frustrating & time-consuming. I would appreciate any tips you may have!
M. Burton

Vienna said...

Yes recipes do take a lot of work but you could see if you can share the workload with other colleagues...
My symbols come from a range of sources. I use google images,ARASAAC symbols:,
mulberry symbols:
The format I like the best was developed by my colleague Sophie and you can find an example under the Cooking tag eg fruit salad,potato wedges