Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Healthy Living: Taking your Pulse

In the Zone has some  excellent resources
Body Trivia questions 

From the resources 9-11 section  Adapt PowerPoint presentation - lesson 1 Use slide 3 
to talk about how the heart works

They also recommend these videos

The heart and how it works

Keeping healthy - the effect of exercise on pulse rate 

 Heart and circulation 

The try a practical activity about taking your pulse 

How to take your pulse is  a very good guide 


Good background information here  including expected pulse rates.

Habits of the Heart

The next step

understanding recovery rates

The amount of time the heart takes to return to a normal at-rest rate after exercise is called recovery time. This is a measure of the body's general fitness. The shorter the recovery time, the higher the level of fitness. ( source Habits of a Healthy Heart )

from 9-11 section  Powerpoint 2  slide 4

The Zone explains 
'recovery rate  which is measured here in beats per minute (bpm). Ask the students what they notice about the recovery rates of the people ... They should notice that the people who do the most strenuous exercise on a regular basis (i.e. the marathon runner and the swimmer) have higher recovery rates than those who do only light exercise (the dog walker and the boy who cycles to school), which means that their heart rate slows down more in the first minute after exercise.'

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